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What You Need to Know to Teach Abroad

If you are an experienced teacher looking to teach students in a foreign country, there are many factors to consider when making the transition as easy as possible and to ensure your success at finding a teaching position in the new country. Whether you are a primary teacher or secondary teacher, math teacher or English literature teacher, the requirements to teach in many countries, especially the Gulf States, are quite similar.

Although these requirements are similar throughout the UAE, they may be very different than what you are accustomed to in the UK. The UAE has committed a renewed focus on the advancement and modernisation of their primary and secondary schools and they will need thousands of qualified teachers over the next 5 years. What do you need to know to teach students in the UAE as well as Qatar and other Gulf countries?

Factors to Consider When Teaching Abroad

The first thing you should know before moving to any new country or working abroad even for a short period of time, is what the country is like and how their laws differ from the laws in your home country. Without proper knowledge of a region’s specific laws and customs, you could find the transition difficult.

Next, you want to know what documents you will need to move to a new country and to work there. Every country is different and that means that one country might require a different set of documents than another. Knowing what is required and how soon you need the documents is important, especially if you have already secured a teaching job in your chosen country.

Finally, where you will live and what that city is like is another important factor before moving to any new country. Just as you would research a city back home when you move, you should do the same in a foreign country. Finding the right neighbourhood in a city that meets your needs is important if you are going to live there for any length of time.

Education 1st Can Help You Find a Teaching Job in the UAE

There are a lot of factors to consider when moving to another country for a teaching job. You could spend months researching, collecting the proper documents and learning the local customs only to find out that you didn’t get the teaching job you wanted, your Visa was denied or you just don’t like the city you moved to. To avoid this, contact Education 1st and let one of our educational career consultants to all of the legwork for you and even help you find a new career in the UAE, Qatar or any of the Gulf States.

If you want to teach students in a foreign country, the best place to begin is Education 1st. Contact them today and see how they can make your move easier and more successful.

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