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Be part of the 4th Edition, Education Experts conference on 5th & 6th March 2018, at Dusit Thani Dubai, UAE


The UAE 2021 National Agenda aims to develop a world-class education system. There have been a series of initiatives by the Government to raise standards in education that includes aspirations for citizenship, raised educational attainment, a knowledge-based economy driven by innovation, research, science, technology and an education system above international standards.


The overall improvement in the educational world will only happen with strong synchronization of all stakeholders involved who are all working towards a common goal.


Benefits of Attending Education Experts

Deepen their understanding of the latest issues and learning innovations for international schools, Listen to presentations from leading international professionals and educators, Participate in stimulating workshops and demonstrations that provide new skills to improve teaching, learning and school management, Explore the gathering of educators, school suppliers, IT experts, educational NGOs and government departments from the UAE region and Establish lasting connections and friendships with fellow educators in the UAE Region.


Who Should Attend?

• Regulators

• Education Coordinators

• Principals

• Heads of Special Needs

• Teachers

• Education Managements Consultants

• Head of Schools

• Education Technologists

• Head of Departments

• Accreditation Agencies

• Professors

• Technology Companies


Covered Topics: Developing The Future Of Education

Addressing the key issues and challenges which is faced by the education sector in the UAE. It will also discuss the areas where there is a need for development and growth.



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